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Ophthalmology Residency Program— three years in the life of a young doctor

The inaugural lecture at the new Eye Institute Education Center was delivered by Joan O’Brien, MD, Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is also Director of the Scheie Eye Institute. Dr. Rona Silkiss introduced her longtime colleague noting that the bar was being set “very high” for future speakers and Dr. O’Brien proceeded to deliver an excellent lecture on the findings of the ENCODE Project launched by the National Human Genome Research Institute and conditions associated with mutations in mitochondrial DNA.

In Their Words

“The day after my first cataract surgery as a primary surgeon I removed the patch from my patient’s eye and he started to cry because he was so excited to see. I was really ecstatic with his reaction.”
—Jonathan Hernandez, MD
Second Year Resident


“I was on call and examined a patient with blurry vision. The cause was a left homonymous hemianopsia and we discovered that he actually had an acute stroke. That was an “Aha moment.”

—Ann Leu Thomas, MD
First Year Resident


“We learn, laugh, and cry with our patients, all the while having a supportive faculty to teach us about and help care for our complex disadvantaged patients.

—Sam Reiter, MD
Third Year Resident


“I assisted in a two-stage reconstruction procedure on a patient devastated by an extensive defect on her eyelid after removal of basal cell carcinoma. The results were astonishing: The eyelid was formed as if the defect was never there, with only mild scarring. I realized this was one of the best days in my residency.”

—Maria Govorkova, MD
Second Year Resident



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    alan-scottCongratulations to Alan B. Scott, MD for being elected to the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

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    susan-daySusan H. Day, MD is the 2016 recipient of the Howe Medal, conferred by the American Ophthalmological Society.

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    AlumniRuth D. Williams, M.D. is the new Chief Medical Editor

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