George Tanaka, MD

Dr. Tanaka earned his undergraduate degree from Princeton in electrical engineering and his MD from the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences Technology Program before doing his ophthalmology residency at CPMC and completing his glaucoma fellowship at Northwestern University in 1998. That same year, he started practicing privately as a glaucoma surgeon and volunteering as a residency program faculty member. Working with residents in his private practice, Highland Hospital and the Lions Clinic, Dr. Tanaka teaches residents how to diagnose and treat glaucoma and perform glaucoma surgery.

“I teach at CPMC because the residency program was a vital part of my education, and I want to give residents the same learning Hospital when they’re independently treating their first glaucoma patients,” said Dr. Tanaka. “Then I supervise the chief residents as they perform surgeries themselves. So it’s very gratifying to see the progress the residents make and know that I contributed in some way to that.”